Hello! My name is Sue.

I am a german-italian illustrator. I grew up in Italy, but now I live with my family in Germany. I have the Italian temperament in me but love the German order and punctuality.

I have learned design and I am still working as a freelancer in this field. But first and foremost I am a wife and mother of 3 small children who inspire me every day! The most important pillar in my life is my faith in Jesus and in the Bible.

I love to paint since I can think.
Painting is my way to speak and to collect memories. Thanks to my hubby I found the courage to share my pictures and so you can find many of my illustrations on my instagram account.

In my childhood and youth I used to paint a lot with oil paints, ball pens and graphite. It was not until spring 2018 when I discovered watercolours for myself and I love it! At the end of 2018 I started with digital illustrations on the Ipad too, which I also enjoy!

I try to spend every single minute in my creative corner! My favourite place! In my corner I have a mini gallery with the most beautiful prints and originals of great artists and my precious desk! This desk is a heirloom from my father who had already gotten it from his father! 

A few more unnecessary things about me:


My hubby describes me as quite crazy and I often still feel like a little child. I'm pretty small, forgetful and bustling.


I love plants although I would call myself a plant killer. I mostly wear colourful funny socks. I love all kinds of nuts and cheese and vegetables in every form!


I hate to drive in bigger cities, because I'm afraid to never find my way home again. What bothers me the most is disorder and dirt in the house.

Allendorfer Str. 34 – 36
35708 Haiger

(+49) 2773 743-8832


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